Early days Continental    Motorcycles    was    founded    by    Jack    Reeder.     He’d had    a    small    motorcycle    workshop    behind    a    hat    shop    in Guildford    Road,    Woking.     Having    outgrown    the    space    and annoyed   the   neighbours   there   he   moved   to   new   premises   in Chertsey    Road    at    the    junction    with    Boundary    Road    where ‘Continentals’ was born in 1959
The    60’s    were    the    days    of    mods    and    rockers,    scooters    and motorbikes.     Continentals    became    an    agent    for    Lambretta, Vespa,   Zundapp,   Maico,   Rumi,   Dick   Dick   Demm,   Peugeot,   Puch, N.S.U.    and    also    Honda.     These    were    the    heady    days    of    the Honda   Cub   C50   and   the   business   boomed   through   the   mid- sixties.    However   by   the   end   of   the   decade   things   weren’t   so rosy   for   the   industry   in   general   and,   in   an   attempt   to   keep   up with    the    times,    the    shop    was    re-branded    as    ‘Two    Wheel Happening’   with   Pepsi-Cola   on   tap,   mood   lighting,   dolly   girls   and loud music.
The    70’s.     Jack    diversified    into    cars    and    set    up    a    4    wheel dealership    in    Maybury    Road    leaving    two    of    his    mechanics, Maurice    and    Bob    to    take    over    the    Continental    Motorcycles name.    In   April   1971   they   moved   the   business   from   Chertsey Road   to   it’s   current   location,   a   former   fresh   fish   and   game   shop, in    Goldsworth    Road.     Here    they    continued    their    workshop service   and   traded   used   scooters   and   motorcycles.    Fortunately the   industry   was   starting   to   recover   and   business   boomed   once again.    They   began   selling   new   machines   becoming   agents   for Honda,   Suzuki,   Yamaha   and   Kawasaki.    At   one   point   they   had   a double   fronted   shop,   also   occupying   a   showroom   area   where the KwikFit car park now stands.
Over   the   years   the   main   focus   became   Honda   and   Yamaha   until finally   they   decided   to   concentrate   solely   on   Yamaha   -   hence   the new name - ‘Woking Yamaha’. Maurice   and   Bob   retired   in   2002   when   the   business   was   bought by     Bill     Hailstone     and     the     current     chapter     began.      Bill’s background    was    in    retail    and    he    had    always    been    a    keen motorcyclist.    As   director   of   Woking   Yamaha   he   has   managed   to combine business with pleasure. In   2009   we   celebrated   our   50th   birthday   and   today   the   company is   able   to   offer   a   wealth   of   experience   to   a   new   generation   of riders   in   and   around   the   Woking   area   from   our   new   showroom which was significantly extended in 2016.
Circa   1929   when   W.   P.   Seaman   sold   fresh   fish   and   game   from   77 Goldsworth Road
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